Emergency Tips

Your home deserves the best. We can deliver it, starting with expert advice on how to immediately prevent more damage.

When fire, smoke or water unexpectedly damage your home, the first steps you take could mean the difference between a small cleanup and a more costly and time consuming restoration.

Knowing when to call in a professional can also save you time in getting your life back to normal and money by preventing further damage to your home.

ServiceMaster Restore® restoration professionals help return your home to normal as quickly as possible while restoring your peace of mind that the job was done right.

Water Damage | Fire Damage | Vandalism


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With over 35 years of experience in the disaster restoration business, ServiceMaster Restore of Fredericton has helped thousands of customers in their time of need.   Whether you have experienced water damage, wind damage or have had a fire in your home or business, ServiceMaster Res

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Water Damage

What to Do

  • Damage from water and bacteria growth can begin within hours. Call for professional help.
  • Remove as much water as possible by mopping and blotting.
  • Remove wet area rugs or other floor coverings not permanently attached. Do not attempt to start removing your wall-to-wall carpet.
  • Lift draperies off the floor, loop through a plastic coat hanger and place the hanger on the drapery rod.
  • Wipe furniture, prop up wet furniture cushions for even drying and place aluminum foil under furniture legs.
  • Move photos, paintings and art objects to a safe, dry location.
  • Do not remove books from shelves. Instead, pack them tightly to prevent warping of pages until a restoration professional can begin this specialized drying.
  • Open drawers, closets and cabinet doors to enhance drying.

What Not to Do

  • Do not enter a room with standing water until electricity has been turned off.
  • Do not use a regular household vacuum to remove water.
  • Do not lift tacked-down carpet without professional help.
  • Do not use electrical appliances while on wet carpet or flooring.
  • Do not disturb visible mold.

Fire Damage

What to Do

  • Corrosive by-products can cause irreversible etching in as few as 72 hours. Call for professional help.
  • If the temperature is above 60°F, air out the house to reduce smoke odor.
  • Clean Formica, chrome, porcelain and aluminum fixtures to prevent permanent tarnishing or etching.
  • Change the air filter on your furnace if it uses forced air.
  • Tape damp cheesecloth over returns and supply registers to capture loose soot in the air.
  • Discard any open food packages.
  • If the electricity is off, clean out the refrigerator and leave doors propped open.
  • Send clothing with heavy smoke damage to a qualified restoration dry cleaner.

What Not To Do

  • Do not touch anything with your bare hands. Oil from your hands can permeate upholstery, walls and woodwork, causing additional damage.
  • Do not wash walls. Incorrect cleaning could compound the soot residue.
  • Do not attempt to clean carpets or upholstered furniture.
  • Do not use electrical appliances until having them checked.
  • Do not use ceiling fixtures if the ceiling is wet.
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kitchen fire


What to Do

  • Fast action is required to prevent further damage. Call a restoration professional to remove damage caused by vandals.
  • Make a list of all damage.
  • Use a shop vacuum to remove glass particles from carpet and upholstery.
  • Remove any debris from carpet or interior walls. Scrape or blot carpets and furniture - do not rub.
  • Wash egg or other residue from the building exterior using water.

What Not To Do

  • Do not use household cleaning products on fabrics, upholstery or carpets.
  • Do not attempt to remove chemical stains, including ink or paint.
  • Do not operate damaged electrical appliances.
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Common Causes of Basement Flooding
Common Causes of Basement Flooding

Since basements are built partially if not fully below ground, they’re prone to flooding. For that reason, a basement flood



Our Difference

ServiceMaster Restore

As a leading provider of disaster restoration services for residential, business and industrial clients, our proprietary processes and equipment enable us to respond quickly and effectively. Gi

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Mary Donovan

Scott Macauly does a very good job he is friendly and always the same everything is very clean


Available after hours so not disruptions to the staff


Staff are reliable and consistent in their responsibilities.


Service Master is extremely thorough with their cleaning. If ever an issue, we just leave a note for them and it's done next time.


Dependable - have never had a day that we did not have service to my knowledge.


Your thorough and I do not receive complaints from tenants.


Our office is thoroughly cleaned; however, I have noticed that our garbages are not always emptied. Please confirm if this falls under your responsibilities or not. Thank you.


Consistently good and reliable work.


Cleaning you can count on and willing to go the extra mile. One of your employees found a flood in our office when they came in on the weekend. They used their problem solving skills to found my phone number on my card on my desk. They got in contact and then helped me get your clean up guys in here. He was here within the hour and got me all dried up and set up blowers for the weekend. What could of caused a lot of damage was just a minor inconvenience thanks to your team. Can't say enough about how awesome they are.

Wendy Morrell

Done on time in a consistent manner.

Liann Griffin

always prompt and if there are any schedule changes by us very accommodating Scott is a pleasure to deal with

Peter Dwyer

Done on schedule and job is consistent


reliable and very thorough




The girls do a great job, a Stantec number one priority is the appearance of the office.


Cleaning is done on well and on time.


Your current staff is very friendly and professional

Richard Clark

The job is done correctly and on time, for the most part. If we have a problem, management is accessible and approachable, and a correction is not far behind.

Jennifer Thomas

Service Master looks after their clients. Their cleaning service is fantastic. I love their service, communication, attention to detail, and pride they take in their work. They go above and beyond for their clients!


Cleaning is complete and thorough; our staff is pleased. Service Master staff and management are very good to work with and respond to questions and problems quickly and kindly.


Quick response and listen to instructions. Your employees work hard to solve problems when they arise


We have two different repairs going on in our condo building. I think if we had a bit better follow up on timeframe for repairs, etc. that would be helpful.


An initial onsite meeting to explain the process and timeline would be helpful. We appreciated how quickly your company was here onsite and the work got started very fast. It would have been good on the very first day withing a couple hours of you being here if we could have sat down and talked about what was ahead.


Very understanding of your problem, willing to help in every way. Follow up very personable, Mark was assume.

Mark Melanson

Quick response to initial call. Plenty of staff provided to complete the task. Clear dedication to the work at hand (working in the dark with cold water and no gloves!!). Easy access to supervisor when needed.


slightly faster in finishing work required but overall very good


Personnel were great to work with.


You were so quick to respond!! Your service is always exceptional and friendly. When Marc responded to my '9-1-1', he was very friendly, informative and calming.


I know that when I send you an assignment via xact, the customer will be contacted and taken care of asap. The project managers are always willing to go the extra mile. I remember one claim where I needed a contractor to drive to Campobello Island to do a roof. Doug and Jim were on it right away and the customer was very satisfied with the job!


Quick response and good quality work. Mike was easy to deal with as he should be


Good people who know how to manage the insured and the claim.


The response time to emergencies and the service received after the purchase order has been issued is great.


professionalism, promptness, and experienced team. locally owned and operated.


Speed and response time


- the workers were very polite and courteous, we were quite satisfied with the work when completed. The downside of the service was the length of time it took to complete project, I fully realize that there were multiple projects on the go which caused the delay. However, we relied a great deal on our insurance adjuster who was also very helpful in dealing with cost estimates relating to the project. ServiceMaster responded quickly to my concerns relating to the project. I expect my final invoice to arrive shortly.

Ramsay Anderson

A professional and promp!

Gail Storr

Following flooding of our basement we received very prompt service. Everyone we dealt with was personable and knowledgeable. We were given helpful information about the logistics of the insurance claim process. We especially appreciated the time spent with us discussing options for renovations following the initial clean up. As they worked on the clean-up, moving furniture and removal of destroyed flooring the staff treated our home as carefully as if it were their own property. Although I hope we never have to use Service Master for another flood clean up, I would be very confident in using Service Master again.

Olena Volikhovski

working hard, responsible


Every one I had to deal with was very helpful and polite.I am a shift worker and the workers were very mindful of this and even though they were quiet the job was well done.very professional

Claude Bourque

Very prompt,fast and efficient. All restored to satisfactions.


Fast service. The job was done right , on time and on budget . No issues what so ever


Prompt service


Servicemaster provided professional and courteous service. I have already recommended Servicemaster to others.


Well organized, efficient, pleasant people attending to the services.


The service was very fast and quaility was also very professional.Thank you so much for all your help.


Guys were friendly, dedicated and committed to getting work done. Gordie and Justin took pride in their work and paid attention to detail during the whole restoration. Under the circumstances of our reno, they put us at ease and we knew they were committed.


Fast response when the emergency call was placed.


ServiceMaster has been awesome from the first inspection to the end of the work that needed to be done. Your employees have the best work ethic I have ever seen. They are smart and very knowledgeable about their work. They are respectful of the homeowners and their property. They always clean up at the end of each day. The work has been completed here and we are completely satisfied with everything that was done. I have signed off on the job.


Always top quality and always prepared and able to answer any questions .


Your employees are outstanding and hard-working.


Customer service focus. Provide guidance and options to meet the renovation objectives. Responsiveness


Great crews. Attentive, conscientious and helpful. Skilled workers except subcontractor McKinnnon plumbing who botched job and Servicemaster crews had to undo mistakes. We would not engage McKinnon again. Only other consideration: we would appreciate it if crews would call when they can't make it as expected. This happened numerous times over the last renovation which was also frequently interrupted when crews had to go elsewhere. This extended the time of our renovation and the inconvenience associated with it.


I appreciated the promptness of response, the courtesy and empathy demonstrated by the workers, we have special circumstances which required restricting the working hours and the crew were good about staying within those hours.


Everybody is so friendly and helpful! Mike Sweeney, and Mike Sloat have been absolute gems, and have totally gone above and beyond! I kind of miss chatting with them both regularly, although I'm sure the feeling isn't mutual!lol